Tax Appraisal Services

We offer a Tax Appraisal Service for Individuals, Married couples, Civil Partners and Companies.


The cost for an Individual is £1,000, for Married and Civil Partners £1,500 and for Companies £5,000.


We offer a money back guarantee – if within 3 months of receiving the information we need from you we cannot find tax saving opportunities which if implemented could save at least £10,000, we offer a no questions asked refund of the fee. The tax saving can include Income Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax, Stamp Duty Land Tax and Corporation Tax.


To commence we will need the cheque for the appropriate amount above plus an overall picture of your current financial situation. Incomes, Assets, Liabilities.


Contact us now to find out if this service would be of benefit to you. Email
or telephone 029 2069 3700


We work in collaboration with other professionals who are the very best in the UK including Tax Barristers, Solicitors and independent tax specialists. Of course should their be any implementation work required which requires additional services following our appraisal then there will be additional costs. Obviously you will be informed of any additional cost before any action is taken.