Service Charter

Abram Partnership Ltd. is committed to providing the highest possible level of service to its clients. It forms part of our ethos and culture. Everyone engaged by the Abram Partnership is there to serve its customers. To that end the Abram Partnership fully embraces the Financial Conduct Authority’s concept of ‘Treating Customer Fairly’. As a client of the Abram Partnership you are a valued customer and therefore part of its future. If you are not satisfied with the service we provide to you or you feel that we have failed you in any way, please tell us. Only then will we know and be able to takes steps to address the problem.


We understand from experience that to many people the concept of ‘Financial Planning’, which encompasses Pensions, Investments, Protection and Mortgage products are alien to them. It is therefore important to us that having sought our advice, you clearly understand what you are doing, why you are doing it and finally, what you can expect if you implement our recommendations.


The goal for the clients of the Abram Partnership is to:

  • Ensure you are financially better organised
  • maximise your investment returns
  • ensure you and your family are financially protected
  • minimise your tax liabilities
  • balance and manage your financial risks
  • ensure you have a good cash flow


And above all, achieve and maintain your desired life style

Our aim is to have a very special and personal interest in or clients’ financial planning affairs. This ensures that they are arranged in an orderly and efficient manner. Our priority with clients is to establish a close trustworthy relationship on a one to one basis. As our client base has grown mainly as a result of personal recommendation, our policy is to ‘maximise the financial position of our clients through a firm commitment to excellence and quality of service’. We do this by helping you organise your arrangements and develop a comprehensive Financial Plan aimed at achieving your desired life style objectives.


Initial Consultation at no cost and with no obligation on your part

We will help you implement any changes that you feel you need to make in your planning and then help keep it up to date in line with your changing circumstances.


It is our aim to:

  • deliver on our promises to you
  • provide a bespoke, tailored service appropriate to your needs and that meets your objectives
  • ensure you feel comfortable with the decisions you make
  • demonstrate a caring attitude to your circumstances
  • provide clear explanations to you without using ‘industry jargon’
  • respond in a quick and timely manner to any queries you present
  • ensure we are available to you when required and ensure that we are easy to contact
  • keep you informed and up to date on any applications made
  • offer you an appropriate frequency of contact


And at all times provide you with a reliable, efficient and friendly service