Pension Review Service

We specialise in helping our clients put together a proper investment strategy for the money that they already have in their pension so that they can enjoy a more secure retirement.


To help our clients do this we created the Pension Review Service.


The Pension Review Service is a fee-based, objective analysis of your risk profile, your investment objectives, your expectations, and the performance of your pension investments. Simply put, we assess the current status of your pension plans, and make detailed recommendations to try and maximise their performance.


Take Control and Improve Returns

The Pension Review Service is a 3 stage systematised service (not a product). It aims to give clients improved returns from their pension funds as well as clarity of their current position and possible future returns. It uses advanced asset allocation techniques to diversfy risk and improve performance.


Pension Review Service measures client attitude to risk & reward and contrasts their existing pension holdings with an advanced, client specific, risk based asset allocation model. It then creates an ideal, client specific portfolio, using advanced asset allocation techniques designed to minimise risk and maximise returns – based on your objectives.


It reports in detail on current values, charges and fund performance and a projection of future entitlement. It then compares this with what could have been achieved under Pension Review Service.


It amalgamates all existing client arrangements into one plan invested on a wrap platform


Advantages to Clients:

Clients know exactly what they have, what they are paying for and what they are likely to get. A typical client starts out with 4 or 5 plans with different retirement dates and is uncertain what future benefits are likely to be. Pension Review Service provides CLARITY.

Several plans lead to several reams of often unintelligible paperwork. The Pension Review Service provides one plan and SIMPLICITY.

The information on charges and performance data issued by many providers is often unintelligible. Pension Review Service demonstrates VALUE.


Many people have no idea where their money is invested and existing holdings often bear no relationship to their attitude to risk and reward. This lack of information provokes apathy and frustration. Pension Review Service provides quarterly performance updates giving clients CONTROL.


The wrap service currently with Consolidate offers access to hundreds of funds and probably the lowest cost Wrap and Platform service in the UK as well as private access to your pension fund values and performance. This gives you significant CHOICE & FLEXIBILITY..


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